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reverse 3

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We all listen to music, but here folks i give you the songs you all love (or maybee not) reversed, prepare to be entertained



i recorded it on my dsi put backwards and it was the same thing :)

((( ORIGINAL )))

This was cool, it was "ORIGINAL" Because i never seen it done like this before the revers was very cool, and strange when heard hehe, i did think the layout was bland and not much color, would have been 10x better with some added color and some detail and a better sleek look to the layout design and buttons....


Quite Intrigueing

I've already heard most of those on the flash animation, but the Hilary Duff one was hillarious since I really hate her singing so much. I'm stuck always listening to it whenever little kids are in the same room as I am in. Anyway, on the Led Zeppelin one, that word "fake" in the reversed lyrics is supposed to be "satan". The n is silent , plus, I've seen it like that at all the sites they had this exact same one on. Plus, some other suggestions would be to make beter graphics, crop some of the tracks better, optimize your tracks to try to get the static out and the volume better. Finally, organize your lyrics better! Otherwise, good job.

oh my god

led zeppelin is satanic and hillary duff is a nazi! and the detour thing is just... weird... lol... OMG YOU RIPPED THIS OFF OF ALBINO BLACK SHEEP!!!

woodhall responds:

its just wierd how things change so much when reversed, thanks for the good reveiw!

Sneepioo's verdict

i saw your message on the frontpage ^_^ i am happy i saw it, this was fun to check. good job, i like it.

woodhall responds:

thankyou for taking time to reveiw reverse 3, its about time someone saw it, it hadnt been reveiwed or voted on since about may! so yeah thanks again for the good reveiw!

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2.64 / 5.00

May 30, 2004
11:57 AM EDT
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