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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.2

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MaxR: Well here is is, Chapter 2 of my LFA series. If you havent watched Ch.1 before, please watch it first http://newgrounds.com/po
rtal/view.php?id=168976 I have teamed up with Gooffy123 since he knows a lot about the Little Fighters. Enjoy our movie <]:O) . Who can spot a peon in the movie?
Gooffy123: I think this movie has improved a lot during the weeks. We got what we wanted from it and we hope you enjoy it. Chapter 3 will be coming out within a month or so. You now know more about the Little Fighters. Enjoy!

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hehe the heroes 3 theme made my day nice lil video's thise are :D

MaxR responds:

Haha, thank you! It sure is nostalgic isn't it?


the moves are not very good.....

MaxR responds:

Thank you! I know my animations weren't that great back then... please watch the latest chapters (Ch.11 now) to see the improvements.


pretty goo. really short tho

MaxR responds:

Thank you! I hope to my my chapters longer when necessary, but short enough to not feel like a whole movie! It was meant to be enjoyed as a whole series.


i always thougt julian was a bad guy and isnt firzen freeze and firen combined

MaxR responds:

Indeed, you'll have to wait and see ;)


I recognized the Heroes of Might and Magic soundtrack immediately, heh. Good use of music and sounds.

MaxR responds:

Haha, glad to hear others who played that game too!