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Ok, ok, I know I just posted a demo clip, and I know it's bad, but this is another one and I will post third clip in a day or so. I really need suggestions, if any of you have seen my first submission "Skateboarding clip..." then I need some more feedback. If you haven't, go watch it now. Ok, now I know all of you hate stick figures, but I have been drawing them before I even found Newgrounds not because I am lazy, but because I enjoy doing them. Their simplicity amuses me. Ok, heres where I need help. you've seen that I can do real people from "Skateboarding clip..." but with stick figures I can manage more frames which equals smoother animation. If you absolutely hate stick figures, please don't bash me, just give me comments. I work damn hard at this, and I hope it shows in the animation of this nollie backside flip(err...oops...thanks for catchin that DCShoe555). Well thats all....enjoy (BTW....Kartoonkid....That "third clip" I mentioned will be up in a few days, it features the "Matrix style" rotation you mentioned in the reviews of my first clip :) ) OH yes, and again, no time for a preloader, music, or anything else, but I am just experimenting right now. This one took about 35 minutes. If you can give me serious suggestions on my final skatevideo, please do so. If you just want to see "cool movies" and want to bash me cause this is just a clip, please don't bother.
Thanks for the support........Transworld

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love it

I like it very much.
now you should delete this and make a longer version

you would have the best skateboarding flash on here!

great but not to good

u should put tricks like varials,hardflips etc. in slo mo

that was god but the trick was too fast.

that was god but the trick was too fast.


you could make wayy much of a better movie if you made it better, graphics awesome just needs to be at least 20 seconds to be reeeal good

This is my FAVORITE clip, ever!

This is so great! The graphics are so awesome! Even if it's short. It's still great. Make more! I love it as much as I love skateboarding!

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3.75 / 5.00

May 5, 2001
3:40 AM EDT
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