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To Be Human II

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Author Comments

This is my second commentary on society. The animation is much better in this one, also I think it has an even deeper meaning. With each line of text there is an accompanying animation. Some of the animations are very small but they all have significance so see if you can spot them.

The interesting thing about the poem I used this time, is that most people have different interpretations of what it means. I will not say what it meant when I wrote it because I could be wrong I do not believe I know really what it means yet.

Thanks for watching


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Nice style.

You have a nice aspect of style i especilly like the oval window and some of the effects, the smoke effects could look more realistic though, but besides that you presented some nice animation and graphics.

Nice animation.


Magosis responds:


I have to agree

The screen size is way too smal. You have sme real nice animatino here and graphics. It just needs to be larger next time.

Magosis responds:

Yes indeed i agree entirly i wish i had made this larger but when i made it i thought this was better o-well always next time


Another great movie!Too bad the screen size was so small though,othrwise it was great,keep up the good work!


Magosis responds:

yea this one i played with scale a little more than i should have and it made things diffcult but out of all of them i like this message the best ^^

ok that was awesome to

that was awesome

Magosis responds:

heh thank you.

yeah yeah

yea yeah its cool to be the rebel and the guy who thinks "outside" the confines of your mind well let me tell you, you are still as imature as a child and as stupid as a democrat. good? heh no you think these things to be truths well than go and find a real truth, or perhaps be enlightened than ill show you the real world grnted i hate our society as well but you are so far off its almost funny if it wasnt pathetic.You think that you are difrent than everyone else eh? think diffrently pah! get real. you can find my screen name under my profile.

Magosis responds:

I find it amusing that you call me a child seeing as how your name is AnarchistOne. First of all anarchism is a philosophy based on the good will of people to allow for room in society with out rules for everyone to prosper. You obviously don't share this philosophy and buy into it for the reason of wanting to get away with stupid shit. Now on to the profile that you so kindly invited me to check out. Ok from your bands and favorite movies, swell as you comments above and your aim screen name I assume you are either an industrial or a Goth. so here is something for you to try, (I went through the Goth thing and still wear some of that shit some time so I’m not bashing all Goths here) grow the fuck up, stop blaming society for the small about of hard ship you receive in your up to this point short and always insignificant life. Stop bitching and move past it. "Perhaps be enlightened than ill show you the real world" and I suppose you know the real world better than anyone else does? You presume you are something more than the sum of your experiences. Well then you are stupider than an American politician is because you have bullshitted your self. So in summation you need to move past your ego and see things not as black and white. Live life don’t be a whiney little bitch about your uniqueness or you originality. Nothing is new anymore so try to accept that. You are not original you do not matter unless you choose to so go and do something that will matter. Even if it’s some simple thing like taking the time to put your thought into a flash animation like I have here. Oh and a couple things, I am not a democrat, I’m not even American I’m Canadian. If you had taken time to check my profile you would have noticed that, or maybe you are just ignorant enough to believe we run the same unfair illegitimate two party system in Canada like you people in the states do. Oh and if you ever need to feel like an idiot you can e-mail me and I can insult you some more over e-mail. Thanks for watching and good luck.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

May 28, 2004
11:43 AM EDT