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AttackOfTheRammerClones 2

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Author Comments

i dunno why im submitting this. i guess i just want ppl to know im not dead. this is the sequel to teh tribute The_String_Man made, called Rammer Clones Attack. this is in first person, and is my first fps game. i respond to all reviews, so plz review! also, tell me any bugs that there are. thanks a ton to luckoftheirish and blasterbones for helping me w/ code and stuff. thats it...

Oh and also this game has an extensive help section, so you should check it out! Check out the engine for more info on the Rammer Clones.

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the good and the bad

Well the black on black is not a very good idea. It was like shooting on the dark. YOu do get stuck in the hallway. Yes I got past that becuase I know how to play with flash. you should fix that. You said you wanted to know bugs. Ok when you went to help Menu you could not get back to the Main menu with out clicking rewind. I jam ust pointing out teh bugs I found.
It would be better if you fixed them

Rammer responds:

"It would be better if you fixed them"


anyway, its supposed to be like shooting in the dark. not many people seem to get that though.

DUDE wtf?!

I can't go right or left at the hallway. link won't work. you should be able to skip the intro... black cursor on a black background sucks. need to bitches to shoot.

Rammer responds:

if you had hte common sense to try out hte forward thing in hte right click menu, or play, youd learn that itd go to the preloader. ITS NOT DONE YOU DUMBASS

Ah, yes, another Rammer game...

I love your stuff...anyway, this game was great, and I know it'll be better once you add more levels and the other enemies. Anyway, the only real problem I had was the black cursor/aimer blended in with the background, so I couldn't see where I was shooting. Other than that, it was great

Rammer responds:

your "problem" was actually supposed to be a challenge. its like trying to find a needle in the dark, stepping on it, prying it out....nah. it is like finding one in hte dark though.

thanks for the review!

Not Bad

You should consider teaming up with somebody and programing a flash game , while your art does pretty much suck, (and im not trying to be offensive). The actionscripting was topnotch, so keep working on that. But still this game itself does deserve a higher rating then it got.

Rammer responds:

no offense taken. i draw so much beter on paper. if i draw it big enough i can get the tiniest details...lol. thanks for not being an asshole on ur review, but not sucking up either (: and maybe i will team up w/ somebody. they do art and some code and ill do animation and some other code! maybe. thanks for ur review!

Wow i've played a few of your shooters and

your getting better, graphics weren't that good but it's your style so im not gona konk you on that one

ummm more wepons different enemies (i no you got them) bosses and different goals...

like going into a top screate tashcan or something

Rammer responds:

yeah sry about the graphics. i suck at drawing...on comps. i'll try to create bosses and stuff. i WAS going to have dif weapons but it was a freaking pain trying to code that....you can look in my bbs posts for that. thanks though!