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StarCraft FA

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A StarCraft based flash arcade!


While I appreciate the spirit of this game, I can't enjoy it because I'm quite bad at it. Seriously, I could not nowhere with this. Maybe it was something with my PC? Whatever the reason, it wasn't fun. I like your other games a lot better. Hey, this was submitted on my birthday!

Good thing I didn't play it as a present. I like that music. I remember it from a video that promoted 911 conspiracy theories. Boy, do I feel dumb to like that. At least it looks great.

Although I agree with Kamiboorei that the Wraiths shoot too fast, they are easy enough to beat as you can just clear a path and leave the rest.

I agre with Kamiboorei...how da f*** do you shoot those zerg?

starcraft is

the best game alive so stfukamiboorei

I'm unsure . . .

How anyone can call this game 'good'. The entire system is flawed and needs a rehaul. The terran Wraiths on the Protoss missions fire missles far to rapidly to avoid while you shoot to slowly to effectively destroy them. 1 shot from a yamato gun annihilates you?? What's the point . . .

The terran missions are a joke. You have to charge your cannon for every single shot and you have hundreds of enemies coming at you . . . and at the same time you have to somehow manage not to lose all of your energy. Even for a space aged game that's pretty unrealistic.

Then the supposedly 'fun' part of just pointing and clicking on the zergling to kill them. WOW. What a joke. They move so quickly that you can't keep up with anything. I've got good reflexes and I don't see a 'win' in that situation.

My best advice is to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. Use 'real' Starcraft units and not the ones you jammed together (they look cool of course . . . but why even mess with a great game?)

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Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

May 23, 2004
3:23 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight
  • Daily Feature May 24, 2004