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This is only the trailer, I am putting it up to see what kinda response it gets. oh the preloader dosnt work so just click play

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i think that it needs some more work and as a formor us navy seal we use stuff u wont here about for 20 more years

It was ok but not that good

Its good but The United States Marine Corps. have the best snipers i would know i was one of them i wasn't a sniper but i was in the infantry i usually manned the saw but anyway good video and trust me lol thats not what happens when a flashbang explodes unless its a video game

Dude, this sucks

Dude, you are a bad artist, and squandered the seal name, first of all, seals use moden day equipment, maybe, two years in advance at the most, you misspelt already and Seals aren't the BST snipers in the world, naybe they turn out two or three every twenty years, but I'm pretty sure Russia turns out better snipers. This video was pretty bad, if your a begginer it's understandable, but please, do a little more research before you go makinh a flash animation.

Dude being a U.S. Navy seals is hard

Being a US navy seal is hard! About 2years of training if i remember.


The only thing is and i think u americans would disagree but britain has the best snipers i mean hell the navy seals couldn't even take on the sas let alone kill one

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3.14 / 5.00

May 3, 2001
10:14 PM EDT