(OLD) old shite.

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Just something i made when i was bored.


that was retarded...

but i liked it, but the way, i dont think i spelled retarted right......
make more like that, i think its really cool, make it longer,

Mixed feelings

It was pretty good. The stick figures could have used some more work on animation. It was very smooth, good job with 25 frames per second. *busts out calculator*. hm. 910 frames, not bad... not bad.... Anywho, it seemed a little rushed. The stick figures seemed to fall through the ground and come back up sometimes. and at one frame the sun just....v anished into thin air then came back.

With a little work, i could upgrade this to a 6. gg, anywho, tough


Sorry but in my opinion, it was a bit too slow to be random - real randomness for comedy is completely unpredictable and surprises you at every point. Because of the music behind this, viewers may feel a bit mellow and not really find this funny. Arfenhouse teh movie too is a very good example of how randomness can be achieved with fast-paced nonsense - as opposed to same-backdrop events with slow music.

Work on it

dude thats bad random i am the master of random and u really got to get better random things to happen but your kinda getting it just keap trying :)

not bad...infact i like it

not to bad, and welcome to newgrounds!
keep up the good work, and keep the style

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2.05 / 5.00

May 23, 2004
1:39 AM EDT
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