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Look at teh Phil!

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Author Comments

Philly dilly!

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Blessing responds:

Yet somehow... Yes.


"As a rule of thumb, if your flash is less than thirty seconds long, contains a cutout photo of someone's head, or is based solely around the idea of "a lot of people love this person so I want to show that I fit in" without any wit or effort put behind it then you probably need to go back to the drawing board. In this case you've hit all 3, and you can't even detect any sound in this flash."

oh wait.

Blessing responds:

Well kind sir, I've sat here and stared at this flash for 45 seconds and it has not ended yet, so scratch that one. I did not cut out a photo of a head, I copied and pasted a photo of Uncle Phil's upper half, so I dodged that bullet too. And not ENOUGH people love Uncle Phil, though he himself is the physical representation of wit and puts a great deal of effort into keeping his family running, so scratch that too.

I understand that part of your review got cut off, but for those reading it who don't know you like I do let me say explain. Guys, his review was meant to end with "oh wait. i just realized that i've made a fool of myself by trying to call you out on things that have nothing to do with this flash. i feel so silly now that uncle phil's precious eyes have stared straight into my soul. i just got a little mad because i'm embarrassed that, unlike you, i can't make a high quality flash to save my life. look at my profile, i have NO flashes. my mother never hugged me and i'm really fat."

He told me this over the phone, in tears, while apologizing over and over again, everyone. So just know that MusicalExplosion saw the error of his ways and embraced the Phil, as everyone should.

Get pooped on.

ha ha ha ha hah

funny stuff

I want to see more now

Nice flash movie here, I like the drawings and animation, some interesting 'camera' angles I noticed. It was fun to see him cause massive destruction and all that. I liked the design of the robot too for some reason. Some improvements - some of the animations could have been improved eg. when the lab building collapses; also some things happen off screen like that Cage guy being crushed by rubble, I think they should be shown for a much better effect.

((( OK )))

Well notbad, but could be better, for starters try bringing down the file size if you can it was abit much for my pc, and the audio quality could be better something more smooth flowing along with the flash, nice work though...


Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

May 22, 2004
1:39 AM EDT