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Could Have Been Worse 3

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Sorry for the shortness... Part 2 will be longer... I love compression! Play the full game before voting and vote fair, not like a n00b :P

(Note the small file size, I love flash MX!)
This is my first game/interactive submission, but I think you'll like it. It's a click-mystery-game-actio
n-thingy. You'll need to click on certain things to continue or you'll die. Can't figure out what to click? Try TAB!
From the creator of MV-The Final Day, Could have been worse and Could have been worse II, comes another submission from the series "What To Do On a Boring Monday Afternoon"... Enjoy!


good. but lol @ 1 part

I found the interactive movie cool, but why would he say "this is sick who would do this" when they had weapons so they couldnt of been nice people and he shoots people also. lol for that part


lol finally a storyline lol! wish i could be as good as you but im still learnin from you! well nice movie!


This game is pretty good, the interactivity makes up for the average graphics. The first part was annoying as I did not know I had to click things.

((( CUTE AND FUN )))

Notbad, of a game, the little map up in the corner was cool, you could refine your character more then just a circle give some legs and maybe arms and mabe a better face and stuff more detail is what im saying, also some better backround graphics would be good aswell, anyways notbad but could be better...



damn, this just got a whole lot better! hahah. i loved playing! instead of being one of pissy little things where you only click on one or two things to complete the whole game, this one was suprisingly interactive! there were a few 'mini games' where you had to dodge items using the arrow keys, which was excellent! and there was a combination of a little bit of killing, along with a little bit of strategy, if you will - the vent.
throughout the game, the graphics were excellent, as was the animation, as were all sounds.
once again, you show your love for ParagonX9's music, as people do from time to time, heh, his stuff sure is excellent.
so yeh, one really fun game to play. i strongly suggest you make more! haha.
overall score: 8/10

DJRunaway responds:

I <3 ParagonX9 :) And...Could Have Been Worse 5.2 (another interactive movie/game) is on the way!

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Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

May 21, 2004
7:17 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click