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Pulp Fiction :)

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This is my first animation, therefore you shouldnt expect that much, but I'm pretty happy with myself. You should enjoy it if you like Pulp Fiction, and the subtleties within it. The hand motion is choppy cuz it was a pain in the ass to animate, someday when I have more patience/skill I'll go back in and smooth it out. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks.

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As a fan of the fine film, I have to say it isn't half bad, you could have included correct dialogue, perhaps you didn't because you didn't have the time to add it. Hopefully it's not because you messed them up. I would have enjoyed to see it go further, it wasn't half bad.

What the hell do you know about Pulp Fiction?

Marsellus Wallace didn't wear sunglasses in that scene, Zed was in the left corner of the room, Zed was facing the camera, etc.... You disgraced one of my favorite movies. You made this just because it was your favorite scene (For obvious reasons) You left out your favorite part (The raping). Get off the internet.


I'm sorry but really, what was the point?


I love PF.

Purty Good

Pretty good for a first try. I know how hard it is to make Flashes. Could have been longer ,but other than that you did good.

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3.00 / 5.00

May 19, 2004
3:11 AM EDT