Project X Part 1 Preview

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2nd and 2nd worst movie of mine! will eventually get round to making this... maybe... mwhaha!



It's now 2006, do you know where your movie is? Lol, just pulling your chain. Take your time by all means, it just means that much more time for you to plan how it will look if you look at it that way. So much the better yes?

Lord-Sonx responds:

sure :p!
movie mght be resstarted this year lol!


dude its 2005 cool flash

Lord-Sonx responds:

it is 2005! and i've wanted to have the movie out but it just got out of sight.. should be restarting it soon maybe...

toutch up and keep goin

Not bad man, just keep working on what needs improving and listen to what these people have to say cause most of em hav made good point in helping ye out.
Its looking much better than when you last showed me. Keep it up.

Lord-Sonx responds:

Will do... might be done before summer.. maybe near end of summer.... and alot of this wil eb fixed!!!

<<<I kinda agree with the last review>>>

The girl looked like a guy until she said i love you then i realized her boobs, make her hair longer, or somthing, eyelashes, and bigger books, they looked like man boobs from the side. Well, all in all a pretty well put together flash dude, pat on the back!



Lord-Sonx responds:

yea.. i need to fix her a bit!! This will be fixed in final version of the movie... Hopefully...

lookie here...

well it has the same name as my old series...but i'm glad the similarties end there...i wish this preview was more animated because well...everything was too stiff...oh and work on your female characters cuz the blonde one i thought it was a guy...at least that's what i wanna believe unless they're gay...

Lord-Sonx responds:

the female was basicly an edited versionj of the guy... this will be changed in final...

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2.21 / 5.00

May 18, 2004
5:24 PM EDT
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