Maniac Manor

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Please play it all the way through before voting / reviewing. Click on "Instructions" at the first scene to get the storyline.


not a very difficult game to make, but i enjoyed

i thought that your game was actually pretty fun (mainly because of it's good sense of humor.) i really enjoyed trying to figure out what all the choices do, and it really inspired me. but i think it would have been better if there were multiple branching paths. i would have enjoyed that.

oh, but other than that, good game!

killed by sailor moon...

Fun game, though there should be a bit of the storyline in the beginning.

Not too great

correct answers got a little too repetitive.

make that text go faster!!!!!

i just didn't like it although i am a fan of this sort of game

More humor

Some parts were good, but in a lot of places it could have stepped up a knotch. For example, when Crazy Hiryuu asked what 1+1 was and the answer was Crazy Hiryuu. Then next it asked what the first president was. That answer should have Crazy Hiryuu in it, but George Wasington as the answer. Then the next answer can be Crazy Hiryuu.

Here is a lesson in comedy:

When you are going to pitch a joke more than once, think of it as 1, 2 and then 3. Also never pitch the same joke more than 3 times unless it is a signature (to which you should only have 1).

Overal I didn't have that much fun playing this though it wasn't total crap.

Bottom Line:

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2.13 / 5.00

May 17, 2004
8:51 PM EDT
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