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FF-Starcraft 1

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Cyberdevil & azrag (me) werked on this and he is also apart of azrag productions.

Episode 1-- The humans of final fantasy have been confronted. with a problem. And the problem is dragons. But someone recovered a weapon the dragons were gonna use on the humans which may destroy the dragons instead..... Watch this series. and follow it or it wont make any sence.


... not amazing... please make funny!

Yeah.. Definately Different

Could follow it, kinda, but... I dont know it was Different is all I can think of to say :/


Synyte, you couldn't be more wrong I absoloutely loved this despite never seeing Starcraft!
I loved the whole RPG sprite style of this and it got random and funny at times, I loved the way the dialouge was set out with no voices, it really let you take in all the funky and catchy music, it sounded like a whole track in this there were so many cute little toons!
Overall an entertaining little piece, it goes a bit slow but that's because it's a whole story within, which I like. Well done! =)

You have just been


that was a piece of sh!t, please...never again, i think you killed FF and Starcraft with that movie. BLAM this POS!

((( COOL )))

Well notbad, alot better the the mini flash works, has more depth of story and lots of style about it, nice job, hope to see more...


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2.16 / 5.00

May 16, 2004
5:27 PM EDT
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