2pac vs Dr. Dre

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It's a movie of eminem and dr. dre having sex, then tupac comes in and shoots dre in the head.


Well, this was definitely a 2000 flash. The graphics were okay, yet the tweening animation looked rather odd. The side views looked just wrong, and it took away from the bit of realism there was. Tupac was made decently enough, but Dre and Eminem appeared more like a rush job. There was at least a plot, even if it was kinda silly, why exactly were Eminem and Dre in a hotel room together? It's not terrible, but there's a lot that could have been improved on.

Basically the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth. this didn't even have to let me know that eminem & dr dre are booty-brothers & somebody had to smoke Dre's faggot ass

5 stars. 1million i possible

Fuck Em and Dre

Gotta luv legend!Luv 2pac!Rip


Well it is obvious that you are a big fan of 2 pac and its good to see you represent your hero so well in terms of character design as he looks remarkably detailed. The whole joke of eminem getting taken from behind was kinda funny, i mean the animating of his eyes growing larger with every thrust had to be the highlight of this short. The music in the background was a bit of a mess, it seemed to overlap a lot which made it hard to enjoy.


and what the hell was with dres face looking alll flattened and shit at the end, that was pretty lazy from an animation standpoint to flatten a frontward image rather than just drawing it from the angle you want it at. It was very short, and there wasn't even really any effort or originality.

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1.96 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2000
4:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody