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The Elements Song

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Most viewed Clock Crew movie of all time was made by a member of the Lock Legion.


t. Communist Lock 2019

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So this was cool I especially love that ending haha, seems like you could have added a few more scenes with different visuals maybe other clocks and even locks but overall the song was great the animation was nice and overall this was a decent animation here.

More end scenes would have been nice.


This is the most viewed Clock submission ever! How could I have not seen this before?! Why isn't it under the Clock section? You'd think the most popular one would be there! It's also the most viewed informative cartoon. I knew there would be audio from somewhere else.

I can tell that when the Clocks have regular voices. They did have the computer ones at the end. This was very entertaining. I'll probably never memorize this song. So many iums.

Huh. So that's what Tom Lehrer really looks like. You should have included the intro part at the beginning, where he talks about the guy named Hen3ry (the 3 is silent).

Also I'm inclined to think that you should have had a gimmick for every element. I mean sure, you colored gold, sulfur and sodium yellow, all for good reason, and you colored a few others, mostly in meaningless ways, like titanium being gray - like just about all the metals aren't that color, and you certainly didn't color chromium for instance - but you COULD have gone and done SOMETHING for every element. And it need not have been limited to just coloring the words. But it's good to see this here on newgrounds, there are some who haven't forgotten the old days. Poisoning pidgeons next, woo! Eh, of course it ain't gonna happen, this is from 2004.


ha..... chowder.


Funniest and easiest way to learn chemistry :-)