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Author Comments

I had to take this down due to file size. The smaller version is available as "Our Bleak Future"


((( OK )))

Well you should still put something up a short animation or anything, interesting though just replace it with something...



Another pointless "this has been removed" entry. Time to blam.

robototron responds:

Wow. You're a total loser. You go around finding old entries that have been temporarily removed so you can "blam" them. Meanwhile, you won't actually get a blam point because they've already made it past judgment. Holy shit, are you pathetic!


Just looking at this for what it is, it's kind of funny. A toy robot walking in a straight line towards a helpless toy 'victim'. Silly, but kind of funny, with the titles as severe as they are. But reading your responses to criticism, I get the feeling you were under the impression you were making something good. Had you just been going for funny, that'd be one thing, but if you think this lame ass piece of shit is actually worth the time of anyone but you and your friends as an inside joke, there is only one term I can think of to describe you: blovatious cock.

robototron responds:

I don't know where the misunderstandng started, but you hit the nail on the head: IT'S A TOY ROBOT WALKING IN A STRAIGHT LINE TOWARDS A HELPLESS TOY "VICTIM!" (actually, the victim is a wine cork, 4 nails, and a beer cap). That's all it's meant to be! But when people get all nasty and insult me and the movie as if we were trying to make some epic film, well that's when I get pissed. It's just a fucking campy (that's the perfect word) movie. That's it. Of course I don't think it's anymore than that. And if people don't like campy, fine.


It was stupid and pointless.

I see you trying to counter peoples blams with your idiotic logic, but you really need to just accept the fact that people don't like your work. Look- Overall rating: 3. Stop whining to people because they blammed your flash. It doesn't take someone that submitted flash to this site to know what is stupid and what isn't. I don't care if you reply to this, because you know I can't reply to you back. If you feel proud by "Insulting" someone that can't even talk back, be my guest. It seems you've sunk low enough, but you could always strive to be the number 1 loser.

robototron responds:

Clarification: I don't care about the whole "last word" thing. Hell, I wish we could all endlessly go back and forth. But, if you're going to really judge me based on how I respond to reviews, let me point someithing out: I don't mind when people post a review that is not in favor of my work. What I don't like - and what makes me respond harshly - is when people write reviews that are meant to simply insult. I know it's the internet and all, but I still maintain the right to come out against people who are just trying to be dicks to me. And, yet, when I defend myself - I'm made out to be the one in the wrong.

Well, I suppose this isn't much of a response to your review of the movie. You called it stupid and pointless. I agree. I'd also add the word "funny," but whatever.

As for your "number 1 loser" reference...how do you expect me to respond to that? How would you respond to someone calling you a loser?

I'll leave you to fill in the blanks, lest you feel that, god forbid, I'm insulting you as you've insulted me.

p.s. if you're not pleased with this as the last word, go ahead and hit me back at robototron@hotmail.com


hmph, i just didn't like it at all, it didn't made any sense. was it supposed 2 b an apocalypsis foreshadow??, anyhow, just blam this

robototron responds:

Yes, this was supposed to be an "apocalypsis foreshadow." by using my wind-up toy robot, and a "person" made of a wine cork, four nails, and a beer cap, I was really trying to portray something serious.

Then again, if you missed that this movie isn't serious, then you probably missed that this review is sarcastic.

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Credits & Info

1.85 / 5.00

May 12, 2004
4:40 PM EDT
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