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Final Fantasy Jeopardy 04

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Wow it took me long enough to make the next episode because i've been working on other things. So sorry about the wait for the fans.
If you havent seen the other Final Fantasy Jeopardies i suggest you see the first 3 or this one might not make sense. ENJOY!!!!

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The first one was great, second one almost as good

, but the third one was where it started to get a bit repetitive. While this one was a little better, it still wasn't as good as the first one. I expect the next one to be awesome!!


these videos are so funny make more.

Samuraikyo responds:

You're probably the first person I have responded to in about 5 years to any of my movies. FFJ5 was actually in the works years ago, but had to stop because of certain circumstances which you can read about on my news page.

Glad to see people are still finding and liking my old movies.

Lol wasnt expecting that

I kinda expected to see Celes win again and when i saw shadow i thought what the hell but that was pretty funny holding everyone hostage just to win and Kefka's laugh that was pretty funny as well. Nice work on all the final fantasy jeopardies hope to see perhaps 1 more


Not as funny as the otherones but still good none the less and it was getting annoying that celes was winning all the time oh i would like to see cyan in the next one he is my favorite character and maybe gogo too i know you could have him mimic everyone and tie with celes if you still want to have that situation


It was kinda nice seeing somebody other than Celes win. Besides that, Shadow's awesome.

I've got to get a dog like that.

Keep 'em coming