The Little Prince 6planet

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Hey everyone, hope you like this claymation I made for French class. I basically made another planet for the Little Prince to go to. It follows the same basic vicious cycle plot thing.

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the little prince is a real story

actually person who reviewed below
its a real story
i didnt watch the whole thing
so i gave you a good score


Nice, but, what's with the ending?... The Little Prince loses his head? I mean, come on...

this is not a review but a reminder to the author

the domain u were telling the dude b4 me expired June 10, 2006(2 days b4 i posted this) just a heads up and the 0s i put for the ratings was just 2 get it out of the way because i havent actually watched this so dont be like hatin me ad stuff

Pretty Good

I remember reading this book back in my advanced class of 6th grade. I feel your addition was pretty appropriate to the story. Keep working, sneak.

orb responds:

Thanks man... I can't believe you remember me. When I first read this review, I was like... is this some random guy calling me sneak, or does someone remember my old KNIGHT_OF_SNEAK name on SC? Now I look at the name, and I see it's you rune! I didn't know you go to NG man... we haven't talked in ages. You should go to my website (though only the forums are up as of now): www . nuclearwhale . com (had to have spaces because no websites in reviews) and talk to me there. Great to see you again man.

wow thats good fluent french.......

But i'm mostly german so i wouldn't have any idea how to speak french. though it was a good clay animation film.

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3.87 / 5.00

May 10, 2004
12:34 AM EDT
Comedy - Original