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NG BG: W vs. W

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wallpaperman wins.


why does paperman win?

His animation suck, I likes whirl's a lot more, anyway they aren't too good either anyway.

wallpaperman responds:

no how dare you wallpapermans is the best better than me


i liked it all the only problem was that i didnt understand mucho. it was really cool.

wallpaperman responds:

i think you mean... WPM

Wallpaperman You Dont deserve to submit this.

Joep did all the work for this movie, while Wallpapers was a two second piece of shit.
Joep I challenge you to a NG BG.

wallpaperman responds:

joep says "fuck you wallpapers was great and mine sucked" i personally also thought that mine sucked, but i guess joep just loved it!!

nevermind eh?

/sigh @ pre posting

This was meant to be part of a series that is to be released by a whole heap of newground artists (some more talented then others) and the person who thought up the idea was meant to release theirs first (with the artist he is fighting) to put the series off to a good start.

These guys just went and posted theirs anyway, which is kinda dissapointing and also gave it a really bad start. They didn't even use the high quality template (which may have been good) and didn't explain what the fuck is happening. I knew what was going on but for people outside battlegrounds well they would be confused as fuck.

However there will be many quality pieces coming up. Some of luis's work looks great and this piece will probably be my best finished work so far.

wallpaperman responds:

whirlguy wanted to post it early it's allhis fault i was like we gotta wait for luis and he was like hey send it in now go on we're finished and i was like noooooo but he sent it in anyway :(

in responce

the sound in wallpapermans movie is the first few seconds of the song religion is a scam-a global threat. i think

very confuzing but cool never the less.

wallpaperman responds:

how the hell did you know that???

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Credits & Info

2.18 / 5.00

May 9, 2004
3:49 PM EDT
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