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Stick Stick Stick!

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This is a parody of the new pooma commericals for the jamaican relay team. If you havn't seen them goto puma.com and watch them otherwise this will make no sense.

This is probably the best thing i've ever made in flash even though its only roughly 14 seconds long i've never put more effort into a flash movie. I did all the voicework too. I hope you all like it!

Special thanks to blindsided2 for teaching me how to lipsynch decently.

Aim: McTrip21

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^^Good Points^^
Didn't know exactly what this was when I looked at the description, but since as soon as I started watching it I knew what it was, you obviously did a good parody. I now remember the commercials, and you followed it perfectly, even until the end when you supported your team! The voice overs were rather funny, and I liked the attitude of the guy in this movie. Quick and funny, just how I like em.

^^Needs Improving^^
Drawings could be improved a lot with some shading and maybe some thinner outlines.


its not the best but it was kinda funny STICK STICK STICK! ,,!,,(-.-)



You are amazing..

Bryce.. You are amazing, my friend.. I've watched it over and over and it still makes me laugh. You have absoluely perfect comedic timing.. Keep up the good work.


LOL, i watched this over and over, i showed it to my family and w000000t i kept laughing!!!!!!!!!!!