(old) WarPath 2

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**SECOND RELEASE (Version 2.0)**
Level 1 - 20 Kills Walking
Level 2 - 25 Kills Walking
Level 3 - 25 Kills Tank!

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Neat work on this was pretty good but pretty basic

not enough

i give you a one because this is almost as bad as the last one and you still do nothing except hold the space bar and press reload even for the tank because it has some kind of homing so you do nothing you should have made the game better but you just added a tank and fixed some glicthes this game is boring enough said

Pretty Good

Pretty good but it got repetetive. Kind of easy, too =P 3rd weapon rocks!

Still, better than I could have done. My flash is messed up and I can't make buttons =O it just shows a blank screen =P

But I can still play games w/buttons in them, and this one was pretty good. Good job!

not good

a few things wrong with it
1 too easy make new difficulty modes
2 easy to beat i mean comon u use the 3rd wepon and u cant lose
3 too short i finshed it in like 5mins make a longer one
4 you should just have stuck with no.1 its better


Was better than the 1st one anyway

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

May 3, 2004
6:34 PM EDT
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