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FF: Warfare 7

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Author Comments

(Update 5-03-04)
Front Page?! Am I seeing this right? This is the biggest accomplishment ever! This must be a dream, oh my god, thank you newgrounds and thank you (the viewers) I am rendered speechless. Seriously, thank you all, especially Tom & Wade :)
Secret Scene added, as well as bonus features. You can access these at end of the credits. Thanks again, NG.
Woot! Daily Third! My Highest of my originals! Thank you to all those who 5'd me for showing faith and your liking to this flash.

5796 frames long
196.6 seconds running time
Over 2 months to make

Warfare 7 is here, with more fights and battles final fantasy fans been waiting for.
Epic Matches Such as: Cecil VS Golbez

and the return of Sephiroth, Warfare 7 is worth the wait, and by far is my greatest flash yet. Get a soda, this 1 is long.

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good movie

this one was okay, but not as good as the other episodes. i can't wait to watch the 8th episode.


First off, you CAN see his stats, "dumbass".
He was born... and... yes.


This wasn't that bad, and beyondultima, I agree that Sephiroth is the baddest of the bad. However, you are mistaken. Sephiroth WAS born, not made. Lucrecia is his real mother, and Hojo is his father. Sephiroth was told by Hojo that someone named Jenova was his mother, because he was injected with Jenova's cells in one of Hojo's experiments. When he learned the truth, he went insane. I commend you for your love of Sephiroth, but you should learn the whole story before running your mouth, especially if you should choose to use poor grammar. That, combined with your knowledge of the story makes you sound REALLY intelligent.

By the way... not a bad job on the flash, man.


I fuckin sick and tired of assholes like you who probably haven`t even played 7 dissing the characters
NOT 1 good guy in final fantasy history can stand toe to toe with the demon wing (I call Sephiroth that) If u could look at his stats this is what they would look like (max 100) Speed 100 Atk 98 def 97 magic 98 Accuracy 100 magicdef 97 luk 100
There are heros who could match him in 1 stat
Auron (ffX) Atk
Vincent(ffVII) Accuracy
Thief(ff) Spd
Garnet(ffIX) Magicdef
Rikku(ffX) Luk
Black Mage(ff) Mag
Hector(Fire Emblem US) Def

Now listen u dont believe me to fuckin bad its true ( Cloud is a Balanced Character)BTW Sephiroths mother is a test tube dumbass
He was made not born

On my last review

I forgot to mention that Sephiroth would stand no chnace against FuSoYa :P Where are Rydia, Cid (any one of them...heh), "Red Mage", Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Squall, Rinoa, Zell, Zidane, Vivi, Freya....lol. The Celes battle was f**kin hilarous. Umaru pwns, just like he did in the game :P

Why is Sephiroth the big bad guy? Hes just a puss who crys to his mom to bail him out of trouble.