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Ruby vs Emerald

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Finally, the age old argument over which Weapon in Final Fantasy 7 is the toughest will be resolved by pitting the two against each other in the battle to prove which is best.

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That was awesome

That video was awesome. I like how you made Ultima a Limit Break instead of just a magic spell. darkknight198 if you calculate Emerald Weapon's hp, you would know he has a million hp and Ruby Weapon has 800,000 hp meaning Emerald Weapon has the highest amount of hp of ALL the bosses in the entire game(including ALL the forms of Sephiroth combined) at the Northern Crater. My personal rating of this video is 100 stars. I also loved that you gave each Weapon 99,999 hp and 999 mp. Keep making more videos. I'm definitely looking forward to more videos from you.


well since emerald had the lowest HP i guess ruby won :P

Funny stuff

That was hillareous the first twenty times I watched it! I loved how the whole meteor thing happend. Good Job. :D

from the title, i thought it was of pokemon lol...

good thing u put down it's of ff7... i thought that was well thought out, as i'm a huge fan of final fantasy...(my user) well good job!


that was brill flash u could have put in more of rubys attacks such as ruby ray and shadow flare i have a guide to defeating ruby below the easy and not training up much way
what you do is get red XIII up to level 60 and get to disc 3 which is the north cave don't go down there go back inside the highwind and go to the desert.don't go into ruby yet.if you did the midgar part in disc 2 right u should have the mystile armour equip it to red XIII also equip the spring gun clip which u get in the ancient forest near cosmo canyon equip red XIII with the following materia KOR with HP absorb(any level) mime (any level)and enough hp absorbs to get u to 9999 HP then equip 2 magic materia this will take ur HP down only a little but increase the power of KOR Then save the game and drive into ruby. make sure u kill off all characters except red XIII ruby will burry its claws

what u do is summon KOR on the claws and keep miming the command the reason for the mystile armour is so comet2 has a better chance of missing thats the only thing that could stop u if it hit 5 times

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Apr 28, 2001
4:40 PM EDT