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hope all that shit works, play the whole game and then judge it...


This was neat

A fun game here kinda silly and lots of options you had for it, i thought the artwork could be slightly better maybe a few little details more here and there like with backrounds and such, but other then that i enjoyed it, just try and work more on some detailed artwork and it should be fine

well like above the art needs some detail especially backrounds

It was neat but needs more effort


Not bad

This was a decent game. It had all the tools needed in a good game at least. The story moved a bit slow, but it worked nonetheless. The graphics were really good in some spots yet really bad in others, so that was a bit jarring. It got a little boring though, as pretty much everything happening was moving then shooting, it started to get repetitive.


kind of goofy and fun and I liked the large amount of options and the theme, a lot more effort could have gone into the visuals, but you did pretty goodd for someone who probably made this whole game while stoned.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
That game was rather silly. There are a lot of different options during the whole thing, and I like how you let the player choose where to restart if they died or got busted.

^^Needs Improving^^
Graphics definitely could use some revamping. Besides that, it just needs to go a little bit faster, and perhaps some sound effects would spice this up nicely.

Fun but flawed

It was a fun game to play and I did like it, but sometimes the buttons didn't work, I'm assuming you hadn't made the area you had to actually click to proceed big enough as in the scene where the cops are chasing you I clicked on their heads and the target appeared but sometimes they just didn't die and eventually I'd die as I couldn't shoot them. But anyway apart from the buttons not working properly it was a fun game, it's just a shame that the game needed the buttons for maximum enjoyment.

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2.09 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2000
10:37 PM EDT
Action - Other