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UPDATE: Just so you all know, a sequel IS planned, but it's still very much up in the air. It's going to be a collaboration with my good friend Fanewgie, and most everything will be drawn, but drawn sort of in a sprite style, like what I did with Plantette Prime. Speaking of Fanewgie, you should all go check out his latest movie here:



Hello, NG folks! It's been a while

This is the first movie I've made in over a year, and I'm excited to say this will be my last sprite movie for a long long time, perhaps ever, so I'm going out with a bang. I pushed myself to the limit for this one... Took over 4 months! It's a lot more than "just a sprite movie" as you'll see by the final parts of the movie ;)

Anyway, this is basically a Pokémon battle involving countless other video game mainstays, mainly Mega Man characters. This has been toted as "The Smash Brothers of my movies" since almost every character I've ever used in a sprite movie got a spot in this flick. I really gave this movie my all, it shows off all of my talents. I've even used this as the bulk of my portfolio for admission into the Art Institute Of Seattle!

All I ask is that you watch this with an open mind. I'm aware a lot of you guys hate Pokémon with a passion, which is perfectly fine. This isn't pro- or anti- Pokémon, it's just a parody. So I ask that you please watch my movie and judge it fairly.

With all that said, enjoy it! =D

Additional Credits:
Sprites from Sprites,Inc and The Shy Guy Kingdom
Sounds are mostly from Sonic & Knuckles, Breath Of Fire, or Super Smash Bros Melee
Music's from: Pokémon, Kirby 64, and Rob Zombie (Heh.. it sounds funny to list them like that)

*EDIT* and hey, just to clear things up, I am NOT done making movies! =P Just sprite movies.


Can I PLEEEEASE be a beta tester for you?!

Amazing. Absolutely amazing! I've been watching NG for a long time now, but THIS was the one that made me get an account.

To the guys that "did their job well", I say: Keep on smokin' and keep up the good work!

That was awesome

That was just about the best Flash i have seen in a while nice work im pretty sure u and some others worked hard and i hope the second doesnt take too long to make cuz i cant wait!!!

HOLY S***!

This flash is the greatest piece of work I've ever seen!! The sprites,animations,and not to mention rip-offs of every popular game imaginable,was all very well done!! Great!!

i know some of these things....

when plantet evolves,the song is from kirby and the crystal
shards (64). you can find it in the sound check in options
song 31.

Pretty damn intresting...

First of all.. hock was the shit, and secound.. why didnt zero Evolve?! into like a Taller stronger black zero... like he is in one the games.. the newest one think he can were black armor :? oh well nice i loved it, long but good should make series.

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Apr 30, 2004
5:13 PM EDT
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