Reviews for "Rokémon!"


simple amazing good job i like it alot

That was enough to make me get my GameBoy.

I have not play a Pokemon game in a long time
And this takes me back to when I used to know
every Pokemon's name by heart...but that was a long time ago and I wont go back to may old ways
and for this amigo I THANK YOU

Total supremacy!

My god, man! I've haven't seen that kind of quality in most professional, big-budget (at least by cartoon standards) cartoons. Incredibly well planned and executed. I can say with honesty that we all have a lot to learn here!


Nice Work! One of the best flashes i've seen! HOCK!!!LOL!u should make him get more rokemon in the sequel.

Mani Kotti Mayham is like Manicoti

I think that you got that Mani Kotti Mayham....based off of that mani kotti skill on Fire Emblem....But I'm probably wrong...