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Fun at Militia

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Made this cartoon in 1 day.
It's pretty good for a first effort and the voice by kail made it soo much better.

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i remember watching this 7 years ago. its still amazing and always will be


well that was some retarded comedy... suxorz?WTF IS THAT, gayness. prett good graphics... people looked like they could teleport though cause their legs didn't move at all, blood effects were pretty good and I liked that lil' thing you did with the bullet and replay. Get better jokes! then try again


Yeah, it was... cool, i guess... I cant think about anything how to make it better

Fantastic for how old it is

This movie is like 4 years old, or older...I can remember watching it during the beta days of Counter-Strike. Fantastic movie, perhaps the original movie that spawned the copy cat "nut-shot" movies that we have all seen on here. Possym, this is hilarious. I loved it 4 years ago, I love it now.

Ok then...

It's obvious you made it in one day, I don't know if you had to say that. And I thought saying zor at the end of nearly every word went out of style years ago. Here are my guesses as to why you put zor on your words: A: You live in a rock and just so happen to play Counter-Strike once every leap year. B: You thought it'd be funny to add zor. C: You hadn't slept in three days when you made this. D: All of the above.

I'm not saying it sucked, but you should've taken more time on this. This could've been something mildly entertaining, maybe even funny. Anyway, good luck with your next movie, if you decide to make one.

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3.11 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2001
1:11 PM EDT