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This is a flash made about the propaganda of World War 2.

Strawberry Clock has a convincing speech about why you should go to war and fight for your country....

keep in mind that I'm Canadian...

it was originally gonna be a school project, but then i decided, fuck it...

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Well, you made a great point in this movie. People are victimized by propoganda all the time, and, even if it is something they don't want or don't want to do, they get it or do it anyway? Why? Because they were told to. The text at the end about the consequences of propoganda boosted the humor from the original 5 I was going to put for a 10. And, even though I am American, I do agree with you on the whole idea of the prez hiding out in his little cave called parliment. While people go off to fight the war, he's sitting around, living large, protected by a small number of bodyguards that could be easily overpowered by a SWAT team or two. Good job, and keep up the good work!

i might be the only one in the US who liked it.

The scary part is that this is all true! except for the parts that were made up! kinda! well... not realy, but it's true in principal! the past 4 generations of my family were all in the mariens (sp?). my great-grandfather got his leg blown up by a land mine in WWI and my grandpa lost half of his ring finger during D-day. you should thank your lucky stars that you live in canadia and don't have a war mongerng redneck judging your daily life.

idk i think it was dumb

it really wasnt funny or cool at all i think it blew and take and off of this site cuz who really wants to see a fruit talking about war and germany i know i dont

laderan210 responds:

no dice

Nah I won't even go there

Sorry but it wasn't that good at all. And since when does a Member of CC talk like that O.o not even sure if you were suppose to be using one of their characters. No I'm not just mad about the low score you gave "there she is!!!" just agreeing with many that simply put this sucks.

why i gave you such a high score?

because i saw that dumbass Matmi's review, straight zeros to this! What the hell! what an asshole...... so i decided to even it up a little. if it wasn't for Matmi, i would've given you a 6.

This movie was good, it had a point, plus the ends sarcastic view on propaganda was golden. thank you for this flash, and fuck Matmi.

hey Matmi, fuck you.

PS. did i say Matmi sucks ass? i did? well, fuck Matmi anyway.

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Apr 29, 2004
8:08 PM EDT
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