Super Snail

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College leaves me with very little free time. I haven't worked on a Flash cartoon since last September. But, the other day, I was inspired. After some experimenting with the paintbrush, I decided to draw everything freehand. This work was produced in a few hours over the course of about 5 days (homework fucking sucks...).
And so, a hero is born... Enjoy.



Rofl, I clicked on this thinking it was gonna be some copy of mine (that got blammed) but it wasnt. It fucking rocked. Also you probably made this before me or at the same time as me but yours was a bit better. Well, ok, a lot better. Good work. 9

too true

If you happen to play on the site it is much funnier than if you dont. All of what was mentioned was true and portrayed in a vert humorous way.


Thats was fucking dumb and retarded and not funny at all.The only good things on this movie is the music.I mean,wake up, there are no plots and this sucked major ass.Your graphic could be good if you make more work on it ...

D-R-P responds:

Damn your insults has hurt my feeling big time.Maybes before you writes a review you should works on your grammers though because its suck major ass.Your grammers could be good if you make more work on it ...

I couldn't resist...


Why did you have to kill one of my own kind anyway im going to hunt you down and step one you!!!!!

...anyway good movie

D-R-P responds:

Don't worry about it, killer snails and super snails are a totally different species. True, they are both cephalopods, but come on. That's like comparing a squid to an octopus.

Nice work.

I really liked it. Nice and simple tweens, with some fairly decent artwork. It was sync'd well with the music. The only downfall was it was slow at times, like at the start. But other than that, nice job.

D-R-P responds:

Life is slow at times.
Snails are slow all the time.

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2.63 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2004
12:46 AM EDT
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