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This took forever to make. I only used that littlest paint size, just to see how it turned out.


Strangely I liked this

I have no idea why but I liked this and in general I blam anything tha doesn't look pro but this held my attention with it's strangeness
Also although the graphics don't look all that good it looks like you spent a hell of a lot of time drawing them

10/10 to you and this is going in my favourites list

A note to anyone reading this PROTECT IT!

Nice work

A very simple movie with elements of brilliance sprinkled about. This is a very under-rated piece.


Its kinda weird but i came to discover that sometimes artists with not a remarkable drawing talent can make the most beautiful things. It is like: the time they dont spend in creating the visual aspect, they put in the storyline, feel and originality of the movie. You are undoubtably one of them. For the spoiled unartistic childish eye of some viewers this may be nothing more than some shit to blam. For others, including myself, this is quite a work of art. I love the details you put in the movie, like the 'evil incorporated' and the commercial on the bus. Simple, yet very effective. And then there is also the very cool kinda 'noir' style this movie has. The experiment you did to make the entire thing with the smallest brush did work out very well. The city, the boy, the animation... it all gave the entire thing a depressing and cool look. The music fitted perfectly with it all and i must say this is actually the most original piece iv seen this month. Keep up the good work and im looking forward to see more from you.

Very original

Good stuff Jason, don't see much stuff like this. Not only that, this was your first flash and I am very impressed with it. I am looking forward to seeing your next flash movie man.

jasonaround responds:

It's orginal because I stole it, no thats a joke, and a bad one. Thanks for the vote of confidence pal. I am working on more scripts as we speak, I didn't have a set script for this one and so it didn't play out as well as I wanted but the new stuff will be even better, voices, humor, voilence, EVERYTHING!

Great storyline

Animation was good for it's style, and it was a great story. I could picture it with a budget as a short film or something.

jasonaround responds:

Thanks dude, you are the kind of person that starts DREAMS! Keep on truckin'

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2.16 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2004
12:21 AM EDT
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