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I guess you could consider this a “secret admirer note” of sorts. It’s really short and sweet, but it was supposed to be that way. Basically, I wanted to practice animating a mouth, and I feel it was pretty successful. ^_^

Of course, this is dedicated to the guy I was “thinking” about. :3 *waves to him*

Yes, that is my voice, and yes, I am a girl.

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idk how i go from watching sum porn/hentai 2, kawaii a thing that made me wanna get further more into this guy who made this

Wow.. it's been nearly nine years since I saw this, I was in the fourth grade. It's crazy just how much of an impact strangers on the internet make on your life. Where are you now Joanna? :l

It's been so long!

I think it's sad you seemed to have faded into obscuruity in recent times. This was great because of how amazingly adorable it was. You appear as this little angel telling exactly what is on your mind. Everyone can associate thinking with themselves, especially me. The animation is fantastic, and you just look so adorable. While I would probably rather see your cartoon self as hotter, you looked great in your cuteness.

Everything about this cartoon was just so real. It seems like you were speaking entirely from your heart, and in no way showed anything artificial. It's great that a cartoon from 2004 manages to get this high a rating in today's age. I will be thinking of you and how sincere you are in your creations. May you live a wonderful life.


cute and i was thinking too