Math Class

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My math teacher would always made rude remarks about my constant doodling in my notes. Blech, I hated her. This is basically what was going on in my mind, as she continued to go on and on about Trig/Pre-Calc.

I created this animated short in late 2003. It's up on my DA account, and hosted on my website... but I've never displayed it here. Just didnt think it would fit in. X3 Either way, I hope ya'll in enjoy it. It was fun to make. ^_^

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You know what? This was completely foolish, uncalled for, but strangely intricate and awesome at the same time. May you make more animations like this!

I draw some pictures on works too, don't know why.
Thanks for this.


I have now seen everyone of your flashes and all because they were all so highly rated! It just fascinates me how you made stuff that still holds up to today. I will admit it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but still really nice. You just look so happy when you're dancing around like that. Drawing doodles in class is something most people can relate to. I have practically notebooks of nothing but doodles.

Luckily, I go to college now, although I still make doodles every now and then. You make a particularly cute face at the end with the Replay button. It is so sad you are no longer here making out these great flashes. You shall always be remembered here for your adorable (and hot) appearance. The music is great and gives off a happy feeling too.


this is okay? and cool!

Pff!! My god, Joanime! Your videos never fail!

Entertainment is what I look for in a video, and your videos have it. And not just a little bit, but a whole lot of it! Plus your animating skills are pretty sweet. :D

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Apr 20, 2004
8:26 PM EDT