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Mystery Portal Theater #2

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Author Comments

Due to popular demand, Mystery Portal Theater #2 is now out! Also, due to popular demand, I made this one longer. Quite a but longer. In fact, that was one of the main reasons this took so long. It really should have been due out a week or two ago. But I burned out at 95% done and just COULD NOT seem to finish. Well today I finally motivated myself to complete this damn project. New additions from the first one one are in between movie skits and a cool dress up game preloader! Anyways, do enjoy and please leave a review. But don't expect anything like this from me any time soon. Short projects are the way for me :)

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make another one, but, i thought it was a little....less without the doors or movie sign

SeizureDog responds:

I doubt that I'll ever return to this series.

Didn't like it.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000, rules, but this parody kinda blows. I mean it wasn't in the least bit funny, the animation sucked. Sorry if I come across as a dick, but if you were actually funny, it might work.

SeizureDog responds:

It's old. So meh.

i give u all 10s!

I give you all 10s just bcuz i love mystery theatre sooo much and i love that you've made a parody! I heart you!

SeizureDog responds:

<3 ^_^

The preloader scared the crap out of me.

Thought this was going to be the dressup game. Then I thought this might be the dressup game riff. Then I actually bothered to read the authors comments. I found I liked this one better than the first one. You did the skits almost like the show did. So I'm guessin' you are likening 666pyro666 to Roger Corman. Very irrervernt humor. It goes so many places. Like the Iron Man skit. I already want to watch this again. Too much to say here. Nothing felt out of place, and you really started to flesh out the ideas. The format was great too. I still stand by what i said about the first one. Though i've already forgotten what I said, I'm sure it still applies. You kept the humor up on the riffs, thats always a good thing. Ya gotta do this as a weekly series or something, the three in front of some recent portal garbage, or even a good movie, and riff on it, and maybe a short skit. Thats just wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, good work again!

SeizureDog responds:

I should work up a format to where I can just easily pull out a movie a week of this...but man, this series is old. People loved it, but it's old.

You sure like the word "riff"...

keep on cranking them!

you have some pretty good flashes on here, i went through some of them and they are all great! keep up the great work! (the sprite one is still my fav :) )

SeizureDog responds:

Thank you my good sir. It's always nice to have people who enjoy your work.