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Hokuto intro

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There is no loader so when u see the intro logo just right click and uncheck play until it loads, sorry for the inconvenience

Well this is a flash i had some time ago, its nice, fresh concept of an anime mascot whopping video game and anime mascots like mario and pikachu.

##SPECIAL THANX##= Gama_ghost for finding a song that inspired me into making this intro, @rgonath59 for the help on the scripts and Banana_sam187 for having to stare at his ugly face, which kept me going on......somehow...

PLEASE- I've seen other flashes like this that had staggeringly odd reviews such as: #1"I dont understand the lyrics its all jibba jabba to me BLAM u fuX0r w00t!!!1" ok first of all you're not supposed to, unless you happen to know japanese. #2 U said u made urself? U LIE U RIP BLAM DIE w00t!!1" ok i mentioned 2 other guys the fact that they're not in the authors section is cause they dont find it necessary to get an ID.

Ok that'd be all 'bout that, hope you like it and leave you're coments!!!

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though not artistic but comical and an awesome parody
though too bad its not an anime watched by the majority, and wont get the joke otherwise, but overall i give it 10

man, i love hokuto no ken

damn i love hokuto no ken, and i sure do love this flash
serious, this is one of the best parody's on NG serious
too bad you dont have more stuff of hokuto no ken

~Rebaz Talei

Fuck yeah!

Hokuto no Ken was the anime that fucking raised me motherfucker. Now where's the "Tough boy" version of the intro?

Are you planning to make a series out of this?

I watch both the Hokuto into and the the Hokuto Battle are you planning to make a perody of Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star?

Haha! :D

Cewl. By the way, somebody stole this.... portal submission #225131, I believe.

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4.32 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2004
12:20 PM EDT