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mario all star adv 2

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Final here it is! super mario all star adv 2! alot better then the last one.

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I was very impressed by this. I admit some of the sprite work could be better, especially with Goro. It is weird to see his design with the Mario characters. I still thought this was really fun. I loved the make your own scene thing at the beginning. That could have been a submission in itself.

Love the Matrix allusions. Dang, these are better than the actual Matrix sequels! It thought it was over at the beginning. That was just showing the title. Well, it still was about a third of the run time.




You've really come a long way with Power Star.

First was better

Um well I did like this one just that the first was better. I mean in that one Knuckels killed just about the entire koopa army so I liked it better still a good movie though.

Mario feels sad alot and angry too!T_T

Ya know i feel bad for mario and this is the first time ive seen a death of Peach besides the Super Mario Bros series