Gollum Soundboard v.0.9

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Alright I have added 6 new sayings and phone call options. I didn't really know what to do on this one, I should of asked this question on the last one. But, what sayings or phone call talks should I say on the full version? Don't say I should do any explict sayings, because I'm not going to do it. I mean I can do pretty much anything, but I don't think Gollum should swear. So anyway, tell me what you think. This is not the full version. Also I don't know why everytime people say that there's all this extra sound in the background, but I don't hear any of it. On my computer it is clear, and I even tested it on my website and it is clear there. With that in mind start rating. PS: if you do hear a lot of static or whatever it is, just turn your volume down some.



Wow! You do an amazing imitation of Gollum. I actually thought it was the real thing, but then I saw your notice. The picture gallery is my favorite, especially the pic with Gollum in a ballerina tutu!
LMAO! And it would be a crime to forget about the "Booga-booga!" one.

This is going to my favs, keep up the good work! =^.^=

Other than the buttons none of this was your work

So I am scoring this for your effort.


You can take a photo import it into flash and use it as a background, create buttons, and import audio. That is simply phenomenal.

yeh ok, but needs work

i agree with anime_otaku14... would have been better if you had more shtuff that gollum actually said... instead of just prank call shtuff... but still pretty good, u do the impresion pretty well, but in the last couple u can tell taht its not actually his voice... but meh, still pretty cool nice work.

Meh, so so.

Actually, kind of better, try something like <<Filthy little hobbits>> or <<My precious, we wants it, My precious, and you stoles it>> and or that song <<the walking pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweet, I only wish, to catch the fish, so juicy sweeeet...>>

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2.10 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2004
12:36 PM EDT
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