truth lies (trailer)

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ok this is the trailer for truth lies i hope you enjoy!



I thought it was ok but who was the guy he was pissed off at, who.

hm....It was impressive.

Yeh, the slogan was so stupid, I allmost thought it is professional. Best thing in that was the animation and the graphics. I (somewhy) like high quality stickfilms... Though, the consept is propably gonna be like "ok, he's pissed, he kills. Then comes the cops. Okay,cops suck, army is in. well, he won army, so what? Army is lame. Now he's beatin' up half of the universum..."
U get it? There are _SO_MUCH_ of this. Guy gets fucked up and then he kills everyone with no real reason to find the guy who pissed him up. Gimme a break! I hope you'd do domething different from those...

not bad

nice sound cool music really cool

good movie

this is my type of movie, when the whole thing comes out im a be all voer it like stink on shit.

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What! Why the low-ass score? I am really looking forward to this, it looks good! :-D
You clearly have some good Flash skills. What a bad score! That sucks man. I know the finished product will be nice.
Maybe you'll win turd or underdog heh.

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Apr 12, 2004
11:52 PM EDT
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