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_The Clock Crew Slayer_

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I think Newgrounds has become too corrupt in its ways and I can no longer get a real review on my work, thus I'm leaving, most people wont care but *Typo it back see it here:


I'll be releasing a new cartoon reviews similar to Edge on there soon, hope to see you there

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yeah, um.... make somthing original.

If you're going to make a crappy flash, at least make it with your own characters. What were they saying?

Confuzzled responds:

I wasen't trying to be original, try reading past comments and what I say bacck before saying something like this cause on the note of originality, your comment is a lot less original than this crappy toon. I've exsplained this toon before, I'm not gonna again.


I'm a clock supporter, and I understand that you don't hate the Clock Crew, but you do hate the robot voices. Well, just to tell you this, but they use the voices not because they're too lazy to use their own voices, but because it's original.

Now, on to the movie, well, it's too short, the blood effect is crap, so I'm going to set this one a 2.

Confuzzled responds:

Um...useing the robot voice is original for the first maby the second person who uses it, not a few hundred people! I would have overlooked the annoying as hell cant-understand voices if they were used by only 1 or 2 of the clokc crew members but its used by all of them, thus its NOT original and find yourself a new line of defence

I've seen better

Ok I have seen worse. You need to work on the violence in this. I mean the bullets hitting was not that good and when he fell over he looked like a paper cut out. I think if you added some mor characters and did a little bit mroe with the voilence thsi would be a lot better,

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Confuzzled responds:

I still ifnd it funny how people are still watching the toon, I added it out of pure bordome, I thought'd I'd read some funny reviews from clock crew members. I dbouted it would even get though the portal. I never made this to look good

Right on.

Just between you and me, I'm not that big of a fan of The Clock Crew either, I mean yeah some of their movies are a little funny, but damn they are fucking annoying, and they sound like Steve Hawking which is double annoying, and there are alot of perverts amongst The Clock Crew as well, who ever thought up that stupid Clock Crew shit anyhow?

I finally found someone who is cool, and actually made an anti-clock video, I was waiting for someone like this, thank you!

Its becoming more annoying dude..now besides clocks, they have locks!, yeah no kidding, The Lock Crew!, a piece of fruit with a fucking keyhole in the front, fucking retarded huh? I wonder what they're voices will sound like? George Bush perhaps? LOL, I'm a Democrat myself, I figure you are too right?, because in a response to someone, you said "erry could have won" and so on.

Yeah I like the part on The Green Mile, where that crazy guy bought a moonpie for a nickel from someone else beside him in another cell, he stuffed it in his mouth, and later a guard came to his cell looking at his pudged up cheeks wondering "what the fuck", then the crazed fellow smashed his cheeks together with his hands, and salivitated moonpie squirts out of his mouth splattering all over the guard officer. Then they got a pressure hose and blasted his ass down with it, soaking him, that whole fucking sequence in the movie was funny HAHAHAHA!

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta


OMG clocks shall not be killed im a clock protector and

Confuzzled responds:

um...yeah...right...dont clock crew members make clock toons?

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1.85 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2004
10:20 PM EDT
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