piece of shit......

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****************WAR IS BAD BUT THIS MOVIE IS SHIT*******************



Wtf was that all it was was a small black square

Not very good

A number of things about this flash perplexed me.

1. What was with the border? I don't understand what the random anarchy symbols had to do with the footage you were running, especially of those from Hitler speeches. It seemed to cheaply convey some sort of message that while war is bad, anarchy is good?

2. I'm sorry, this is my opinion but I must stress that the music was especially grating. I'm normally tolerant when it comes to music and yes, I have listened to punk and enjoyed it so I'm not hating on the entire genre, but this song just came off as very obnoxious.

3. Why the choice in video footage? Nothing about it seemed shocking or impacting at all. You gave a disclaimer and yet the flash essentially comprised of a few shots of American prisoners early in the Iraq War, some weapon testing footage, and the rest was World War II stuff you'd see in just about every documentary on the History Channel. War has a much darker side than that, and as long as you're going to try and be controversial, you should go all out instead of this.

Frankly the message I got was although you are familiar enough with war to have an opinion on it, you don't know that much about the politics behind it and how they're carried out on the battlefield.
Now with the Iraq war I could understand why you would believe America doesn't belong there, but why with WWII? I didn't see any footage of Americans or US activity during WWII other than the atomic bombs, so it's rather difficult to determine exactly what you were trying to say. But it seems quite brash for you to try and say America wasn't right to be there. The purpose of the war for America was about as much purpose anyone could have for a war. First, they were attacked, so they didn't start the war. Second, the point of the war was moreso for the liberation of innocent people who had suffered because of the Axis powers, not for personal gain. If it was, then they wouldn't have given the government back to Germany and Japan, they would've made them pay like the other countries did in WWI to Germany and wanted to do again in WWII.

So it isn't so much a low rating because of my opinion on the matter, but because it felt like there wasn't enough effort in it in the first place.


"two just wondering do you know what anarchy does... it creates a complete monoarchy ie facist government anarchy is bullshit sorta like your movie plz make something with a sign in it you understand first"

Funniest. Review. Ever.

Whoever thought that fuck ANYTHING about politics needs to get their fucking head on straight, or at least look up "monarchy", "facist", and "anarchy" in the fucking dictionary. Holy shit, just because they end in archy doesn't mean they're the same thing HOLY SHIT FUCK YOU.

Otherwise, decent movie!

I liked it

I thought it was pretty good, actually. I liked the song that you played throughout it. Sound quality was a little poor, though. And I'm not sure if there was much violence, because the visual quality was also pretty crappy. But the overall effect was good nontheless.

Your a fucking idiot.

Normally I would be polite but you have NO FUCKING CLUE ABOUT WARS!!!

How dare you make fun or taint the sacrafice of millions of men and women who fought for the freedoms you enjoy while you sit on your ass and get fat. Your a fucking retard. Have you ever served? No. Because if you had you would have been proud to wear the scars emotional and phisical that veterans wear every damn day of their lives. AND WHAT IS WITH THE HITLER SHIT??? He was a sick bastard who killed millions of people in his neurotic search for perfection. I hope hole-heartedly your ass is kicked off newgrounds, your hung with your own intestines and burn in hell you sick bastard!

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Apr 8, 2004
5:25 PM EDT
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