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Newgrounds Jam #3

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Once again some of the most talented artists on Newgrounds have come together and collaborated on another Jam Session!
Featruing: Shawn Hollern, Synj, Pinnicle, Super Flash Bros, and T0MMY.
I'll suggest choosing the Play All button in the movie to see how the movies play together for your first viewing.
This time we jammed to a reference frame idea. The theme: we all start with the same frame and animate whatever came to mind, then end on the same frame as the first.
It was great fun working with great artists, we hope you enjoy what we made for you here at Newgrounds.
Have fun.


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It has been awhile, notbad i guess, kinda neat some of them get abit stale, maybe some new ideas could be braught along to make things abit better but notbad but some new ideas that would ad to the flavour of this concept would be a plus you have some nice ideas already.

some new ideas that would ad to the flavour of this concept


Yes, this was awesome! I wasn't seeing any great cartoons today. This was very fun with how much variety there was. DanPaladin and The-Super-Flash-Bros are two of my favorite flash artists! I rarely see collabs with so many people I recognize. It was great how this didn't have a consistent theme.

It was just whatever came to mind. Everyone was so unique. My favorite one was probably with Tricky the Clown. Why doesn't he have his own section here? He's a meme.


Synj's one is the best.