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KTR: EasterEdition

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**Controls: 'a' : fire ; left/right : move left or right (simple)**

++Please do not complain about any apsect of the game without first reading all of my comments. KTHX.++

A few years ago I submitted an entry to the portal called 'Kill the Rabbit'. It was my first (and so far only) complete attempt at a game in flash. It was reasonably well received, getting daily 5th (back when this was not recorded).
About a week ago, I decided I would try and give my game a face lift just in time for easter. I *was* going to try and improve the code, to make it more efficient size-wise, and to remove some 'issues' the game has re: collision detection. But for now just imagine a box around the tank which if a rabbit projectile enters, the tank will 'splode. As in I haven't really tried improving the code much.
Ok, so the code still sux. But the graphics. The graphics are vastly improved. More animation, more tone, more pretty. I defy anyone to tell me the graphics in this version are inferior to the original.
Ok, so now for the biggest improvement this one has over the original - music! Yes, I have added several tunes from the audio portal to this. Apart from better collsion detection and better graphics, music was the most requested feature people asked for in the original version. The only drawback of this is that this new version is 30x larger than the original :\ It's not that I haven't optimised the sound (although I know I should prolly get some of the loops into a sound proggy and make some savage cuts), it's just that I wanted to include different music for each level.
Um... I am sure I forgot to say something here, I am sure it will come to me later, especially if people comment on it in their reviews, but for now - ENJOY!!!

-edit: Oh yeah! I was just gonna say I was gonna do more with this, but I set myself a good friday deadline, and it's 5:00 AM good friday where I am, so any other improvements will have to wait (maybe for never to come).


Pretty Good

This game is almost impossible to win! But i liked the idea..i suppose you let it out in easter..well done!

it was decent

was that bunny on the loading screen supposed to piss you off?, it did with me. Why did it take so many aritists to make this. THis game was simple

MetaphorcE responds:

their names are next to 'audio', which means they wrote the music. I even said that. if you look properly, the only name next to 'author' is mine. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?
K well thanx -_-

The last guy wuz a bit harsh, but still accurate.

This is a pretty shitty game. Nothing much more than a poor Space Invaderz clone, your lazy-ass collision detection makez this not worth more than 5 secondz of even the sorriest loserz time. The audio portal employment wuz straight-on, but I could care less about what I'm listening to. No amount of clever music can make a shitty game worth playing. How the hell can this have a score above 2.0, HONESTLY. And the grafix weren't that great, either. However, it ultimately comez down to gameplay, which iz milez below average in this piece.

BOTTOM LINE: A poor attempt at a Space Invaderz clone . . . what were these people thinking when they voted?

-Don Cornball
-Founding Member of the UnderDawgz


you made this abomination years ago.... you're only piece.... and now you slap an easter theme on it and bring it back?


0's go to those who submit to newgrounds for all the wrong reasons

MetaphorcE responds:


So it's ok for legendary frog to do it with a completely derivative movie, but it's not ok for me to do it with a completely original game?

And if you must know, the only reason I did this was cos I wanted to submit something with an easter theme to it. Seeing as I had already made a game with a bunny in it, I just thought why not make it the easter bunny? PLUS this represents a weeks worth of improvements, hardly any aspect of the game remains unntouched - even the code, the thing I admit is still the most lacking aspect of this game, has had minor adjustments made to it.

Rate this on what you see, not what you think you see. If you really thought I was just resubmitting an old portal entry without doing much work on it, go find the old version and compare it to this new version.


Ugh. Double ugh. Ugh x 3.

Not so good.

Its kinda boring.

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