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Please see my Complete Flash Tutorial for my final work.

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good for people who dont know flash

i was trying to figure out the preloader thingy but it couldnt find where to put the blue text. i clicked on theframe then clicked on this arrow thing at the bottom of the screen and a pop up thingy came up and i pu the text in there. i dont know it that was the right spot, then when i tested the movie it had 2 errors. so i dunno. i need a really really detaileld tutorial to make me understand. ill try the complete tutorial

bumcheekcity responds:

The Complete Tutorial is the... well, Complete one. This was just a trial run.

3 words!!!


bumcheekcity responds:

Well, i'm your favourite NG user. I've got another int he pipeline.

Good job...

But I didn't know you were in the flash biz. :))

bumcheekcity responds:

I'm full of suprises ;)


Great tutorial. Very good for beginners, and well explained. I like that you ACTUALLY explained the actionscript!! I hate people who don't ;) Oh btw, the spritesheet u had for the sprites tutorial isn't megaman, it's Zero ;) just mentioning

Good job

bumcheekcity responds:

Thanks for pointing out the error. I'll crorect it.


That helped, but I really want to see some flash from you, other than tutorials. Maybe a game? Relating to the movie itself, I will say that it was very helpful, specifically to newbies who don't know what the hell they are doing. Very nice job.

bumcheekcity responds:

No, I can't actually make anything impressive or draw anything Good in Flash, the best I do is make Tutorials. They're helpful, and I learn things from them too, but Thanks for the Review.

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Apr 4, 2004
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