The Tom Show Ep1

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Erm... this is a talkshow hosted by myself, Tom, with different guests on every episode depending on who's at my house :p In this episode, we see into the life of my friend Iwan.

P.S. We both know the lipsynching sucks ass, but cut us some slack - we had one day to make the whole movie, so any imperfections you might find, they - umm... are 'meant' to be there.

Now sit back and enjoy!



This was too slow to really enjoy, i wanted to like it because of the plot- it sounds interesting but in the end this failed to be interesting itself :( Work on the lip-syncing and the graphics to make it better


Its like jesus re-incarnated into a flash movie

Do you like pure quality entertainment? I know I do. Well then you should definatly see this. This has to be one of the best movies ever produced by a self-confessed sexual spastic. Please bare in mind people that this movie WAS made by a disabled boy. Tom Rolfe AKA RabbiTomro suffers from a horrible case of lumbago. So bad infact that it effects his mind and mental state. He has a mental age of 5, this explains the lack of humour and awful animation/drawings but to those who can see beyond these horrific depictions of a TV chat show, to the small spastic child behind it all, I thank you, and bid you all adieu.

Kapungo responds:

Look, I can live in a make-believe world of crap all I want - I know this flash wasn't great... hell, it was hardly even good, but you don't hear me not complaining. More to the point, I thought I told you not to tell people about my... "individuality" ^o)

not terribly bad

but runs really slowly .... like where he says i beat them up then it fades out ...still fading out.....ah there we go he gets beat up (predictable) then fades bak out .... and some more .... ah bak o the show

speed helps the humour so needs work here but the mario world thing wasnt so bad but maybe some unpredicable humour would be good like where mario fell down perhaps afterwards he should of input some magic cheat code and flew thought the game saying im so good what skill and when he completes it says U cheating B***ard and hes like so cool i rule perhaps its just me being daft

Anyway not bad for a first try and only 1 day to make wow thats good just needs a little more work if you can amanage this in 1 day 2 days work should be amazing :)

Kapungo responds:

Yeah, I agree... I woulda worked longer on this and polished it up a bit, but I wanted to get it finished and submitted before my friend went home... I'll spend more time on future work though :D


Im sorry but the humor in this was pretty weak.

u chav

not funny...not at all

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2.55 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2004
6:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Original