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The RIAA is coming!

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RIAA sucks!

You make a good point, this is just music and music artists are still making money. I find it kinda odd that law enforcement would use SWAT teams and violence to capture hackers and internet pirates (I mean SWAT is used for apprehending dagerous criminals, not unatheletic out of shape computer technicans). Also in America we make laws that prevent crime, last time I checked you are not allowed to distribute copyrighted music illegally and so far they have only punished people who got music from them (I mean when you see police do drug busts they dont just get people who buy dope, they also get the drug dealer). Dont even get me started on Digital Rights Management! DRM is a technology that the RIAA has come up with that limit what you can do with music. Protected songs have functions so limited that you have to buy the same song from several different sources (like if you get music from iTunes you will get a protected ACC file which can be only used with iTunes and your iPod...thats it). The point is the RIAA sucks!


thats what stealing cd's is for


i like it

and that is wi u steel cd from the store


LMAO indeed that was pretty cool they were on his tail very quicklt but why were they shooting him? i dont know...


it means he thinks your movie sucks. libarachi's anus. dry.

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Apr 1, 2004
4:37 PM EST
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