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lll_Pitch Black_lll

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Author Comments

Well, here's my new movie.
Kind of weird, ends brutally, but that's the beauty of it. And oh, Thanks to RAGEVI for audio help.
And hmm ... that's it.
I hope you enjoy it !
~Review please~

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I just hate Ninja's, and Samurai altogether. You get a 10 for humor because when the Samurai ran, it looked like their legs were spasming. Still didn't help the score much.

alexsmolik responds:

Hey ! Lol... I know that the movie isn't really great. It was one of my first, with the first FBF animation (the spasm running)...
Thanks for your review.


some of the worst fbf i have ever seen! You get a five for that! Nice story too, i liked the way oyou told your story

alexsmolik responds:

lol ... You didn't like the fbf animation ? Oh well ... Life is life I guess, I guess I'm just not too good with animation. But that's just me. I did the story myself. YAY.
Thanks for the review.

Sweet but....

SOrry but i loved this movie but somethings are wrong (they cant really be wrong its your movie so it cant be wrong cause you pick what you want to do) but the ninja wouldnt just stand there and let the samuri see him he would hide and do how he was taught to not be seen or heard and would kick thier asses then anyway i dont want to be mean about the movie i loved it i was just saying that cause that is my area i love that kind of stuff i think you did very good so thanks for the move but also (sorry i just cant help it) your the ownly author that accually talks back to the responeces that he or she gets its great thanks for reading the responces im glad my word gets out some how Question have you ever been n the front page before??? just woundering sorry for taking your time of reading this also sorry that i critisized your movie it was awsome thanks again and sorry again


alexsmolik responds:

Hey, glad you rather liked it.
And yeah, of course that this ninja doesn't really stick to what ninjas really were, but hey, he's a mystical ninja lol. And yeah, authors don't usually answer to their reviews, sadly. And no, I've never been on the Front Page before! You didn't criticize my movie badly, even if you did, I would take that as a good point. An artist has to accept whatever the viewers say ! :)
Thanks for the review,

That was awsome!

You just seem to have bad luck with Time Trials don't cha? Anyways, I really really liked this movie. In fact, I think I'll add it to my favorites. Ahh, I love Time Trials.

P.S. I also have a rejected TTVII movie. It's Fishy Hell if you want to check it out.

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks!Glad you liked it! You're right about the bad luck... after all, it's not luck, it's all about the opponents being stronger than you at flash ! :P
Yeah I'll check out your Fishy Hell movie for sure :)
Thanks for the review.


Ya kinda short but cool, art was good like always, and the music was awsome, also like how you have the stats at the end, maybe make the stat ending to your movies have some sorta interactivity but it was cool...


alexsmolik responds:

Yeah ... my flashes always seem to be short. But anyways, I mean, I don't like movies that are too much of a file size. Yeah the music was awesome, wasn't it! I "synched" it with animation too.
I oughta think about animating the stats next time I do a TT.
Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2004
1:54 PM EST