boxcar storytime

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sloppy larry productions presents: boxcar storytime... come along on a magical journey with boxcar nate and the gang for a hippidy hoppering story book adventure!



I really liked that one lol


what the hell was that half sponge half gerbil looking thing in the preloader? that guy is scary, it gave me a nitemare and im not even asleep yet. do u like scaring little girls like me?

and do ur laundry.

the gray tail story was funnay tho made me pee my pants. the narrarator has a sexy voice.

mortimernova responds:

the gerbil thing is our mascot... his name is "stool butt"... that guy who gave you nightmares is boxcar nate... he's my trusty sidekick... like tonto... or my left testicle... and he likes scaring girls... and he has no home or money so he can't do his laundry... and if you peed your pants, do your laundry too... or sell your panties on ebay... and i'm the narrator... if you weren't so young, we could go on a date... well... and if i wasn't married...

err.... interesting

this was hard to find an overall score.... about halfway the style of the flash totally changed. i liked it when the cowboy was talkin, the slidshow part was pretty ok. very original. i guess your audio was alright, but since none of the graphics were your own i guess you did allright. keep up the interesting flashes.

mortimernova responds:

not my own graphics?? that bunny was mine! i took pictures of it... even the cartoon pictures... err... and the fox... was also mine... uhhh... hmmm... yeah...


Ride 'em cowboy

mortimernova responds:

that's kinda creepy... but i like it... gimme your digits...

I ate my parents

If i ever see meet you I am going to kick your ass!

mortimernova responds:

pretty big words from such a sexy butt...

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3.15 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2004
11:04 PM EST
Comedy - Original