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A little about Me & my Work:
This took me only four days. This is my first Published Flash cartoon in about three years. Back then I used to use bitmaps, which made for huge files and slow films... and well, Since then I’ve learned the joys of vector based graphics, and the speed that comes with them. I am addicted to caffeine, so most of my work will be on the hyper side. And don’t think I am a Newbie to newgrounds Either. This is a new account and forgot my account information and changed my email account so I can’t get that info back, but I have been a loyal viewer for over 4 years. Been watchin’ Flash here since ‘99... Email me or instant Message me anytime -J.w.Bianchi

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Nice usage of an Evanescene song although it does seem weird having the song in 2x its normal speed but its still good.


Dude! This submission rocks! The voice of the girl is a tad bit squeaky, but the music is awsome! Keep up the good work!

... ... ... Whoa...

That is a fuckin' acid trip, godamnit... You psycho mothafucker, Keep it up!!


lol That was awsome dude, I like that Evanescence song, it's dope, that video was killer man! :D


great music video thing! the music was a bit annoying but the artwork was brilliant!