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The Matrix Has You.

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"The Matrix Has You" is the result of 6 different artist and months of hard work and planning in what is one of the biggest Flash collaborations on Newgrounds. Each artist brings their unique style to each of the collection's movies. There's a little something for everyone here.

"There is no Spoon" (Metal Maverick), "Zion Rave" (Luke de Ayora), and The Architect (Chris Boe) are comedy based shorts. "Chateau" (Super Flash Bros) and "Burly Brawl" (John and Richie) are action based. And Finally, we have "Final Fight" (Legendary Frog)... a animated criticism for the 3rd Matrix Film. Each short runs about 2-4 minutes.

I hope you all enjoy this collection. Everyone gave 100% to make it the best it can be. Expect more collections like this in the future... "The Matrix Still Has You" is already in early production! Oh, and this movie contains SPOILERS!

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20 years later, The Matrix still has him.

It's been years since I saw this.
Some of the jokes aged great. Other ones reminded me of how goofy the early 2000s were.

I still watch this one every once in a while to remind myself of the good old days


Diary of this Flash's Girlfriend
i luv u
UPDATE 6/21/: babe, i couldnt find u anywhere n i thought u were gone n i collapsed in2 a state of despair only rivaled by dat time 2 years ago when mai b-loved childhood cat died. I couldnt stop thinking bout u all day when i wuz @ teh pool. dat n mai neopets. oh n dat massive fit i had last night where i tried 2 b-come a smith clone.
6/22/: Hey! im entering an art contest in mai city. im super excited, its gonna b on saturday!
6/27/: Oh man Smith...im sorry u have 2 c meh acting like dis but ogrintoe, fuck u man! teh neopet ur named after iz kinda ugly *xweetok iz better) i dont like bri'ish people, they stab ppl all teh time! "Why do the Americans make fun of english accents" WHY DO AMERICANS NOT MAKE FUN OF ENGLISH ACCENTS?? also its chewsday innit! im sorry babe i needed 2 get dat off mai chest. also teh paint on st8 thing wuz fun but extremely painful n it ended w mai mom beating meh in front of mai best fren. i cant stop sticking mai fingers in2 mai computer fan. almost cut off mai middle finger, dat would b bad bcuz dats teh finger i use most (aside frum mai index fingers)
7/2/: Yesterday wuz hug an agent day. I regret not watching dis n giving u a virtual hug. luv u soo much!

7/4/: My cat iz so adorable! I named her after Matrix Pancake Fr**ch S8n's concubine Persephone. Even if she does knock everything off mai desk! She's black n white n I adopted her last year. She never snuggles w meh though, almost like i need 2 snatch her n bring her in2 mai bed. She's happily circling around mai chair rn. Speaking of dat, mai dad replaced mai old desk chair ive had since I wuz 7, n i no longer have a sleek windows vista computer (replaced w a weird windows XP computer dat does watever it wants, but dats old news.. dat wuz 1999 a.k.a A SUPER FRICKIN long time ago. I came up w a catchy song! 2 teh tune of Alice Dj, but teh only intelligble lyric iz "I'll take u down 2 mai slaughterhouse. Oh, yeah: I also tried making a blingee edit of u!
7/11/: It's 7/11 day! n I just realized how long dis comment rly iz...O_O. if i ever run out of space here, ill move 2 blogspot. Wait, y'know wat, im cre8ing a blogspot 4 u rn. ill still b blogging here tho babe <3
7/14/: I decided not 2 follow through w teh blogspot thing, i HAVE been spending all day on Emilythestrange.com though, i luv emily the strange so much. n i decided 2 rank all teh flashes
No Spoon - uhhhh its kinda funny, teh animation iz terrible but then there's mai animation, which makes it look worse, even tho mai art style's better. 6/10
Zion Rave - @ least he tried, it wuz funny enough. still wanna c neo's bussy though, 5/10
Chateau - i dont get teh deal w it, it's super smooth tho. but thx, protip: neos balls r sensitive, next time u c him Smith, attach a car battery 2 his testicles. 8/10
Burly Brawl - dis 1's b-come an inside joke, anytime, 4 watever reason, if sum1 brings up an incident involving a pizza delivery man dat happened in 2004, ill bring dis up. "ARGH AHHHHH*choking noises*"
- Famous last words, like teh MCR song. 9/10
Architect - I LUV SHOPPING RAHHHHH. but not teh animation very much, 6/10
FInal Fight - teh previous 2k words b4 ranking all of them were dedicated 2 u, so GET IN MAI FUCKIN BED RIGHT NOW WERE GONNA BE FUCKING SO HARD ILL NEED A NEW BED/10
im gonna go do sumthn invader zim re-l8ed now. dat or go on myspace
8/2: Mai therapist left her job 2day. Im currently typing dis on a toilet @ 2AM in teh morning. I just wanted 2 let u know even tho it’s been awhile, i still luv u <3\
8/11 I have a TON of vatching up 2 do! So, mai new therapist iz actually pretty nice, we share a bunch of interests. Mai 1st day of school wuz yesterday. I have a new teacher which iz kinda sad, but teh 2 new teachers r lovely 2! Im frens w dis punk girl who likes 2 fight w every1 but shes super friendly 2 meh!
8/19 I find maiself travelling here less n less. Ive been turnin mai room in2 an agent smith shrine tho, n i gave mai fave agent smith figurine a sloppy tongue kiss last night while I wuz watchin movies
8/29. They know now. They know. Also I gradu8ed therapy!
9/3 Im gonna move 2 MySpace mayb. Plz visit meh there baby, but i did adopt a new kitty. His name iz frankie n he snuggles meh @ night
9/7 Well, teh punk girl h8s meh now. Choked meh in PE n then fingered herself in front of meh while saying “Fuck meh daddy” a whole bunch of timesslammed mai head in2 mai desk during 5th period, n told meh 2 kill maiself during lunch. Mai moms not taking meh 2 school until a certain meeting…bcuz we have a new principal who sucks. Dis iz teh MOST EVENTFUL YEAR OF MAI LIFE!!!! 2 add 2 teh events, mai childhood dog passed away :( poor Cheddar.
We read Tom Bombadil’s chapter @ school 2day. Im so sad bcuz i wuz absent 2day n dats mai fave LOTR chapter dat doesnt involve Elrond, also we finally got married 2day! Im so happy baby!
9/16: I didnt miss teh chapter after all! Yippeee!!!!!!!! I had 2 move ur picture around bcuz it unnerved meh, like u were watching me in mai sleep. Also meh n teh punk girl r frens again. She seems 2 b very pushy tho, im gonna come over 2 her house in a few m-no, actually shes coming over 2 mai house bcuz her parents would FLIP if they found out we were watching the matrix.
9/23: Baby, im so happy u enjoyed our movie night w Mr. Anderson! Im sorry 4 running around n punching a hole n teh wall n puking in front of you guyz, but hey we were happy. Three whole movies n im teh only 1 who didnt go insane watching them all in a single sitting!
9/25: Well…I just had a VERY awkward sex talk online! Teh guy sent meh 5 matrix porn pics. Only 1 of them actually had u, n u were givin mr anderson head! It wiz crazy! He also assumed dat i came all over mai Neo plushie, even tho i only started developing a tiny fling 4 him recently n I dont rly have much inherently sexual intercourse w teh plushies. I think dis iz teh final straw 4 teh smith clone diary bcuz of teh semi in depth sex talk. DONT TAKE TEH LEGEND DOWN NEWGROUNDS! Also…@ teh barn where i do therapy, we recently got 3 new cats. 2 girls n a boy. I gave them nicknames
Saturn (she looks like a female Cosmo if he wuz a kitten, hes another barn cat). Very small n skittish Molly (dats wat i call female cats!)
Drake - A very messy lil boy cat. I originally called him Izzy b4 an employee told meh he wuz a tomcat. He likes 2 b held but i didnt hold him bcuz his paws were all muddy
Babs- A VERY young kitten, only 3 weeks. Her mother abandoned her n we have 2 keep her in a lil carrier. Very vocal n cute kitty
10/04: yesterday wuz mai bday! I got a trinity figurine, a new blanket (rainbow leopard print w hearts on it), a cinnamoroll plushie, n an invader zim bag. I had so much fun on mai bday, even if teh whole world wuz against me dat day! Pax also came over n I introduced him 2 a new song called Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge!
10/18. Im back baby!! SO much happened when u were gone! i transferred 2 mai new classroom n went on teh WORST VACATION EVER!!!! Dad literally said dat it wuz wrong 4 meh 2 want solitude insstead of time w mai family, its not mai fault mai extended family iz a bunch of hicks...except 4 mai lurvely auunt! I rescued a puppy over vacation after a flea market trip, but i didnt get 2 keep her :( rose wouldve lurvd b-ing w meh (Rose iz teh puppy!!!)
10/27: Yay!!!! im going 2 a halloween carnival 2mrw in mai trinity outfit! congrats on b-coming teh House speaker, president, pope, supreme court justice, U.N. secretary general, Dalai Lama, conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, winner of one free deep dish pizza at participating Lou Malnati's locations, Supreme Court chief justice, ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Russian defense secretary, National Spelling Bee champion, star of the Hamilton touring company, CEO of Google, director of The Hunger Games, starting tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, governor of Arkansas, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, third Property brother, fourth Jonas brother, editor in chief of Vogue, president of the NRA, U.S. secretary of state, best Dolly Parton impersonator in the state of Tennessee, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, largest pumpkin at the Kane County Autumn Fun Fair, best cinematographer for his work on Dunkirk, hot dog eating champion, wet T-shirt contest winner, German chancellor, MLB commissioner, coach of the Red Sox, head bat boy, king of Thailand, president of the Taylor Swift fan club, and executive director of 3,753 other organizations around the world. Im so proud of u bb <3
11/4: Baby, it’s been so long! I had a gr8 halloween, i went as Trinity! Trinity frum teh matrix! Mai fren wuz a pretty goth witch! Teh matrix revolutions anniversary 2mrw!
11/7: Ooooh, it’s been awhile since I last saw u! I had so much fun on the matrix revolutions anniversary! Even tho it’s mai least fave matrix film bcuz u weren’t in it enough, i still had fun! There’s a song called Stuck On You by Failure n it kinda sounds like meh n mai luv 4 u ^_^ also Mr. Andersons been growing sun sort of black mold on his hands, I spent 20 minutes cleaning it off! Anything 4 mai plushies!
11/18: A movie I rly wanted 2 c came out yesterday but i got in2 a massive fight n now I cant watch it, also im getting taken away frum mai family, not sure if I rly will but I hope I dont >_< im scared bb, they also cancelled mai therapy n put meh on a w8list 4 another therapy place, but only god knows when dat will open. Im quickjly running out of words bb, where will I go after I ran out?
11/27: Im back, n on mai period, dreading teh return 2 school 2mrw, n BACK ON NEOPETS! Thanksgiving's a holiday alright, also I saw prolly teh longest fast food drive thru of mai life while having a Female Rage period, 60 goddamn cars, glad i wuznt part of em!

12/22: HOLY CRAP BB ITS BEEN SO LONG! Anyways im leaving 4 christmas vacation 2mrw, ever since i got an actual diary i havent been talking 2 u as much! I downloaded Kisekae n made Persephone turning in2 u on it! Mai parents DID read mai diary tho :(
12/31: NEW YEARS 2009 FUCK YEAH! Teh ads showed kyoot girls in latex outfits, hoping i's just dat, Mr. Smith! O yah, I also got a cardboard cutout of u 4 Christmas. Now u feel semireal, mai mom freaked out when I set it up! Along w dat I got lotsa sanrio shtuff n teh Ultimate Matrix Collection 2, also sum matrix comics n lotsa other shtuff im not gonna list, savin it 4 ma website!
I STILL lurve playing Neopets, I just got rly kyoot pet 2day, her name iz sweet_berry, shes a desert wocky, n I adore her! Shes super pretty!!! N now im talking w mai fren Damian bout wat im gonna do when I run out of room 2 write, I'll just archive it n leave a lil link 2 mai website! evilweaselz.angelfire.com/nekoriki
1/10: I go back 2 school 2mrw! I have a lot on mai mind l8ly, like teh story of a man who wuz awakened frum a coma by a lamp, an image of a caterpillar smoking a cigarette dat mai fren thinks looks like Hugo Weaving, n moar. Im guessing dis iz mai year of movies, I’m watching a lot of movies. Yesterday I watched Proof (teh movie dat made Hugo Weaving famous!) n 2day I watched The Truman Show. 2mrw I might rewatch Girl, Interrupted!
2/10: itts been a very long time, n dis iz probley teh last entry I will ever write, I'm running out of room 2 write! Plz read dis tale of SEVERE schizophrenia if uc come across it. Teh other day I had 2 factory reset mai computer. I lost a lot of things, I just decided 2 tell u dat bb! Remember Frankenstein, mai OTHER cat? He went missing teh other day, he wuz literally right outside our house 4 5 hours, thank GOD.

Thx 2 every1 who has contempl8d suicide by reading dis thing, goodnight n good luck!



Credits & Info

4.65 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2004
9:03 AM EST
  • Daily Feature March 29, 2004
  • Weekly 3rd Place March 31, 2004