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The Sticktrix Resolutions

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Can Morpheus get back to Zion in time to defend his people from the machines?? Can Trinity save Neo from his subway prison??

Watch to find out...

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15 years later and i still laugh at the "Does your mother know you're gay" scene.

Does your mother know that your gay?

Sir yes sir....wait what...**muttering**

MAN that was frickin hilarious!

Very good

I really liked this entry, becaus there were so many good jokes in it. Even the stick figures themselves are very well designed. The strongest point is probably the voices in this as they all capture the goofiness or seriousness of these characters. I think the funniest bit is probably when he runs through the trains. While it looks a bit dated, it's still well done. I knew that Smith was too evil to even like cookies!

I thought this would be more of a collab than a straight story. I guess it's confusing how it was also made the same time as "The Matrix Has You". The robots and ships are especially well designed. I guess I would have liked it if there was more action, but this is a parody. This seemed to be your last submission for awhile.


I couldnt stop laughing

Ahh... Nostalgic!

I remember laughing my face off when I first saw this a few years back. Watching it now fills me with a pleasant feeling. This has been good for 4 years for me now :)
Great job!